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Foggy Morning theme Wallpapers

Add some early morning freshness to your PC’s desktop with Foggy Morning theme. Misty and awakening nature sights will mark the beginning of absolutely new and wonderful day of yours.

Snowy Midnight theme Wallpapers

This theme is especially dear to our hearts on hot summer days. Still, it’s also heartwarming one during long cold winter routine.

Seasons Metamorphose theme Wallpapers

Once in a while we stop to notice that everything round us has changed: green leaves are now yellow while yesterday colorful blooming flowers have changed to cold white with snow.

Rainbows theme Wallpapers

Have you heard a legend saying that the place where any rainbow ends is a spot of gold treasure, hidden in a chest and guarded by Leprechaun. It’s up to you to believe it or not.

Moonlight theme Wallpapers

There is not a single thing in this universe same tempting and mysterious as the Moon in the sky. It has always dragged people’s attention both centuries ago and nowadays.

Sleepy Kittens theme Wallpapers

Is your Monday or other working day tough and nervous? We offer you to relax and leave all your current troubles, as least for some moments. Promise, you will return to work with decent positive charge.

Ravens and Crows theme Wallpapers

This free theme belongs to monochromic ones, means no variety of colors are offered, just stylish black-and-white palette, grey shades and the coolest birds ever, since old times.

Spectacular Skies theme Wallpapers

Our next free desktop theme is totally devoted to romantic and dramatic skies views and both happy and sad moods. It includes spectacular works of talented photographer Marco Müller who has captured a variety of skies above so different landscapes worldwide.

Monochromatic Moods theme Wallpapers

We offer one more black-and-white free desktop theme for your consideration. But for Ravens and Crows we have also prepared Monochromatic Moods theme based on remarkable works of Mark Nelson.

Reflections theme Wallpapers

‘Mirror, mirror on the desktop…’ We have rephrased well-known lines from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale on purpose. Our next free theme for desktops is about Reflections.