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When have you visited river bank in summer for the last time? Perhaps when you were a kid and had to spend long hot summer months of holidays at your grandparents. Hot days full of sun, fun, games, bathing and inimitable happiness. Anyway, we are more about sea vacation nowadays, that’s why ‘Summer River’ selection is a kind of nostalgia for careless and happy childhood. Do you want to return to these sunny days from time to time? We have created decent selection of wallpapers for your kind consideration. Find and download your own unforgettable corner of cloudless childhood to warm you up during cold rainy or snowy days.

If you are fond of summer activities like fishing or hiking, this selection can offer you splendid views of deserted river banks without loud crowds of people, just you and nature. Besides, we have placed high quality images of different river moods: calm, motionless and of course rough and stormy river moods as well.

It is totally up to you what Summer River image to choose as your wallpapers however you can always be sure of the image high quality. It’s our guarantee. In addition, you do not need to worry about image size as you can choose any needed extension prior to downloading.