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Do you remember the main flower in the ‘Little Prince’ book by Saint- Exupery? Yes, it was red rose, beautiful, pickly and proud flower. Indeed it is considered to be beauty standard in terms of form, color and smell. Let’s have a look at its little historical review.

Back to ancient times, roses have appeared for the first time as attributes of Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Later on red roses have occupied decent place in poetry of Shakespeare and even became war symbol in the War of Roses. However the main symbol behind this delicate flower is passionate affection. For all those who are currently in love or just falling in to, we have gathered the best red roses in our virtual wallpaper garden, so you can choose the most stunning and meaningful images for your desktop or to one of your dear people.

It does not have to be a special calendar day like St. Valentines for red roses to rule. Average day will be twice as bright with bouquet of fresh red roses on your desktop. One more advantage is that unlike real flowers these are everlasting and won’t fade away in some days. Besides due to realistic photography you can almost feel their smell. We recommend you to consider red roses selection of wallpapers as a perfect little sign of attention and affection to your dear once.