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Among natural wallpapers mountain streams stand out in special selection as the most picturesque and unique images. A large number of hotels, Spa and meditation centers are usually based nearby this natural phenomenon. Why is it so popular? The answer is simple; it’s calm and peaceful still energetically powerful. Add a bit of calmness and positive energy to your daily fussy life with any of the high quality images from this selection.

Mountain stream has also been a theme for numerous canvases for instance in the eponymous work of American impressionist Marilyn Bendell. Leisurely time and water flow is also depicted at famous work of John F. Kensett.

Nowadays photography masterpieces with detailed and too realistic mountain streams also attract a number of natural beauty fans. You will be surprised to know that such streams are not crystal clear as it might seem. Nature has painted them in all possible color varieties, starting with white milky streams and finishing with red, green and orange. The thing is mountain stream water flow is affected by soil and rocks it has to pass though. This natural colorful miracle is now available at our project. Truly the best professional shots have been selected for your computer desktops.