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Modern designers stand for grey color as a new alternative to white. It is displayed in many spheres be it contemporary interior design, clothes or vehicle manufacturing. One of our favorites among numerous car representatives is grey Volkswagen Touareg. This mid-size crossover has appeared on the automobile market in 2002 and since that time it has gained top popularity both among average drivers and specialists. This bold looking vehicle will take decent place in your auto wallpaper collection. Besides, this truly German brand is among top sellers worldwide so you are definitely getting the image of contemporary leader.

We have placed several models for you to see its evolution and perfection starting with first generation of early 2002, updated and improved variant of 2006 and extra cool variant of 2010 from exhibition in Munich. 2015 is a remarkable year for Volkswagen Touareg with new look and style. We have also found high quality images of Touareg rally versions for true rally fans, so we do have image to any drivers’ tastes.

Besides, we do follow all modern auto tendencies and do our best to keep you involved by providing quality images for your personalized desktops. Check also our ‘Cars’ Wallpapers category for more vehicles.