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We offer you to add some smell of freshly cut grass and summer mood with realistic and top quality wallpapers of below selection. Unlike most generalized categories this set of images really smells! Indeed, you almost feel it and your associations and memories take you back to the time when you actually smell it for real. This selection is indeed unique and is our true pride.

Why have we selected this precise theme? To be honest, initially we wanted to proceed with dandelions, because of famous ‘Dandelion Wine’ by Ray Bradbury. But then we recalled what the actual smell of this book is and it is summer smell of fresh-cut grass. So we do want to share our best selection with you and your dear once.

You will find endless green fields, hills, parks and some cute small private gardens. You will enjoy all possible and even impossible shades of green here. Perhaps the best images are detailed shots where every little blade of grass is visible and summer view is so realistic that you may find yourself sitting at distant meadow instead of office chair. You are welcome to take a dip in the summer, recall the brightest and the happiest moments or people who where near you.

Our fresh-cut grass selection also includes nicely and accurately cut lawns as examples of landscape design.