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Indeed, we have special category of high quality wallpapers dedicated to Food and Drinks; still this delicious selection is solely devoted to one of the best dishes ever – fried potatoes! It’s not only mentioned in all menus worldwide, but it also takes decent place at our kitchens and thus dear to our stomachs and hearts. Both adults and kids adore it with no claimed exceptions.

There are many recipes both professional and amateur how to cook it, still we are solely about visual realization of this tasty theme. So we have taken our dinner and only after that dedicated enough time to create a kind of fried potatoes photo museum. It includes all possible forms of it like French fries, fried potatoes alone and in tempting souses combinations. Check by yourself and we are sure you will like the idea to place a piece of kitchen masterpiece to your desktop. It will not only remind that it’s high time to eat but it also acts as alluring dream if you are on a diet.

Some images are from professional restaurant menu so do not be disappointed if the one cooked at your kitchen does not look the same. We just wanted to share our admiration of this simple though beloved by all dish. Viva Fried Potatoes!