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Welcome to our wonderful selection of the most eye-catching and beautiful lakes. We have tried hard to place the most popular images so you can both find out what are most world famous lakes are and select the most impressing to your mind variants for your wallpaper collection.

Lakes combine all alluring characteristics of water be it crystalline clarity, mirror-like smooth reflection or mesmerizing ripples on the water surface. And actually there are millions of lakes in the world in variety of forms and sizes, starting with tiny ponds and finishing with enormous sea-like lakes like Titicaca. Some of them stand out due to unique climate conditions, others have been artificially created by people; still all are unspeakably beautiful and worth your attention. We have singled out some remarkable to our mind lakes images and do hope you will appreciate them.

You will see Italian Como Lake, Canadian Maligne Lake, Indian Pichola Lake, Chinese West Lake and even more. Some lakes such as Tasmanian Dove Lake are famous for unique inhabitants of flora and fans. And finally some lakes like Powell in Arizona are the brightest examples of man-made lakes. If you have found appealing image, just open it in full size and download to your computer.