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Single by nature, tigers have gathered in to striped ambush for you. Our special selection of wallpapers is totally devoted to ambush of tigers as one of the nature rarity and beauty. Different by tigers’ quantity, both distant and dangerously close foreshortening, these professionally created images will definitely impress you and gain special place in your wallpapers collection.

Actually there are several accepted terms for so called ‘family’ of tigers; it is either ‘an ambush’ or ‘a streak’. Both are widely spread in everyday life, special literature and fiction. We should also add that such ambushes of tigers occur mostly in captivity. In wild nature tigers prefer to stand apart or in most cases this ‘family’ is not full in average understanding and includes only tigress and its cubs.

As for tiger cubs, these cute kitten-like creates are presented in full as well. Place them on your desktop and either try to count the stripes when you are bored or try to find 10 signs of resembles with your own cat. We have tried; it really catches your attention for long.

We do hope that this selection will please all nature and animals’ fans as we have put a lot of efforts to gather all the stripes and fur in one place.