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Mountain Stream Wallpapers

Among natural wallpapers mountain streams stand out in special selection as the most picturesque and unique images. A large number of hotels, Spa and meditation centers are usually based nearby this natural phenomenon.

Summer River Wallpapers

When have you visited river bank in summer for the last time? Perhaps when you were a kid and had to spend long hot summer months of holidays at your grandparents. Hot days full of sun, fun, games, bathing and inimitable happiness.

Beautiful Lake Wallpapers

Welcome to our wonderful selection of the most eye-catching and beautiful lakes. We have tried hard to place the most popular images so you can both find out what are most world famous lakes are and select the most impressing to your mind variants for your wallpaper collection.

Red Roses Wallpapers

Do you remember the main flower in the ‘Little Prince’ book by Saint- Exupery? Yes, it was red rose, beautiful, pickly and proud flower. Indeed it is considered to be beauty standard in terms of form, color and smell.

World-Famous Football Players Wallpapers

As truly football fans we have dedicated special selection to this theme and especially to outstanding footballers of all times. Surely there are many debates whom to consider world-famous celebrities, still we hope you will agree to the majority of personalities we have selected.

Grey Volkswagen Touareg Wallpapers

Modern designers stand for grey color as a new alternative to white. It is displayed in many spheres be it contemporary interior design, clothes or vehicle manufacturing.

White Audi A4 Wallpapers

Your desktop car fleet will be glad to accept the selection of white miracle from German manufacturer Audi AG. Being a part of Volkswagen Group Audi has some of the best selling cars in the auto history, for instance White Audi A4 2015.

Fresh-Cut Grass Wallpapers

We offer you to add some smell of freshly cut grass and summer mood with realistic and top quality wallpapers of below selection. Unlike most generalized categories this set of images really smells! Indeed, you almost feel it and your associations and memories take you back to the time when you actually smell it for real.

Ambush of Tigers Wallpapers

Single by nature, tigers have gathered in to striped ambush for you. Our special selection of wallpapers is totally devoted to ambush of tigers as one of the nature rarity and beauty.

Dish of the Day: Fried Potatoes Wallpapers

Indeed, we have special category of high quality wallpapers dedicated to Food and Drinks; still this delicious selection is solely devoted to one of the best dishes ever – fried potatoes! It’s not only mentioned in all menus worldwide, but it also takes decent place at our kitchens and thus dear to our stomachs and hearts.