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«The first of all, the first of all are planes, and the girls and the girls will be later». These lines from the song is probably familiar for everybody. So we also decided to create the category «Airplanes» where we gathered photos and mounting pictures of the different aircrafts.

Because principally the wallpapers of your desktop not affect on your working efficiency. But the quite another thing if to touch the work of human. Agree, it is more pleasing to look at the flying beauty AN - 41 in the clouds, than look at the clean blue screen. Due looking at it, you want to fly and to soar into the clouds by yourself.

According to the psychologists, the man, who placed the image of the airplane on his desktop, differ from others by strong, forceful character. More often he is the independent, the confident personality. Very seldom the teen-ager selects such image for the wallpapers. Because the independence is the streak of the formed personalities.

In the category «Airplanes» of our website there are pictures not only the most new technics, but also more older models. But all of them united several characteristics. Firstly, it is the highly professional photos or frames from old movies, processed in Photoshop by specialists. Secondly, all of them have high quality.

And, thirdly, the pictures in this category presented in the various extensions, which makes more comfortable and easier the choice.