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Nature has same calming and creative effect on us as, let’s say, classic music has. It is fundamental, epic and timeless. That’s why people of creative professions usually prefer to set wallpapers with images of nature on their computer desktops. No matter if it is a peaceful landscape, piercing blue sky, or mighty waterfall and horrible tsunami. Nature is internationally accepted and not discusses beauty standard in all its aspects.

This image category does not have age, social status and believe restrictions. We have placed the best examples of nature wallpapers to each and every taste and mood so you can download some and change them in accordance with your mood change. You will find gentle and soothing views of gardens and flowers along with the stormy once of famous volcanoes eruptions, snow avalanches and overcast sky.

Every season of the year is beautiful and unforgettable so we have placed high quality images of nature during its four-season life circle. All resolutions are available. You can make your dull rainy autumn day sunny with a summer field image or spring blooming garden wallpapers. On the contrary you can cool down summer heat with Christmas tree or heavy snowfall frosty view on your computer’s desktop.