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Motion picture industry release of many movies. Many of them went from the releaser, but not from our hearts. That’s why we made the task for ourselves to create the heading of «Movie» on our site. The pictures, placed here, they are the best frames from the new movies and also from the classic ones.

The fans of the fiction, romance and fans of historical movies, and also the inveterate cinephiles can find something for their taste here. Because the movies very often reflect our internal condition, hidden streak of the character.

That’s why you can see the images from the historical or documental movies on the desktop of the conscious, independent, psycho emotionally formed person. The romance in the soul betray the frames from melodramas and family movies. Extroverts prefer adventure movies and comedies.

There are many images for the fans of new and unidentified. These are the moments from fantastic and mystical movies (for example, frames from the movie «Avatar» or «The Lovely Bones»).

Because always produce new movies, that’s why the selection «Movie» is updated. Only the high quality of the images stays changeless.