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Hope you agree that the two of the most celebrated holidays worldwide are Christmas and New Year. Of course there tons of other cool and bright celebrations but these two are beloved since childhood so they do matter for us. Christmas tree, colorful decorations, packs of gifts and all possible lights are waiting for you in our Holidays wallpapers category. When we have some days left till holidays we are all under anticipation of miracles and changes. Allow good mood and holiday spirit to rule your day at home and at work with corresponding wallpapers installed.

And what if it is hot summer day and it is sharply half a year left till long-awaited Christmas gifts? Several options are possible here to solve the waiting issue. The first one is gloomy one and we do not recommend it, so be advised not to succumb to bad mood. Instead, arrange your own holiday in advance by installing one of the festive wallpapers below. Just open it in full size, download and install. That’s it.

But for these two holidays, we have also placed images dedicated to Mothers Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Hallowing and Easter. This category is currently updating with new images so if you have idea of holiday dear to your heart, just let us know.