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If you ask any gamer about his or her preferences as for wallpapers, in most cases you will hear “My game, of course! It has so many stunning views!” Modern games’ creators have done practically impossible, they have created bright fantasy world with splendid realistic graphics, attention to details and passion. Playing game now is similar to watching a quality movie with advantage of taking part in the action. So if you spend all your free time playing Far Cry, Need for Speed Underground 2 or Tanks, welcome to our virtual collection of Games Wallpapers. We are sure you will appreciate the quality of images and our work.

Besides, we have thought about different games’ preferences and have gathered images from gaming classics like immortal Mario, video games images and contemporary gaming masterpieces like World of Tanks and Far Cry. Check and let us know if we have missed something.

However this category is not for gamers solely. Science fiction and fantasy fans are more than welcome to join us and download some fantasy worlds’ landscapes or futuristic realities as their daily wallpapers. Our images suit any gaming monitor, laptop, PC or tablet so you can always count on good collection and supreme quality.