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For those who prefer staycation to real adventures or simply can not afford expensive journeys now we have prepared unique collection of wallpapers dedicated to distant countries and beautiful cities. World-famous places and unknown corners from your fantasies are carefully chosen for your desktop screens. By visiting this category you will find excellent images of parks and alleys, architecture and urban art, stunning night city views, highways of faraway countries and even more.

Geographical borders have been removed and you can travel freely to any part of the world sitting at home, in your office or in café with friends. This theme is especially dear to hearts of office workers with routine daily paper or computer work. Their thirst for new places and view change is perhaps the biggest and the most understandable. Take a break and set new pleasing to the eye wallpapers with the view of mountain range or peaceful sunny beaches as some of the places you will visit during coming vacation.

Regardless of your screen resolution and your color preferences we have combined black-and-white and colorful images, as well as added some sepia variants. Still, above all we ensure high quality of all images for your in-door journey.