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What animal do you associate yourself with: cute lovely kitten or with aggressive tiger? Same cats’ family representatives but with so opposing characters these two God’s creatures are main leaders in Animal category of wallpapers offered in our project. Still, they are definitely not alone in this long list. There are also images of other animals like koalas, pandas, monkeys and elephants as well as different kinds of fishes, birds and even bugs and insects for all Discovery channel fans.

As per marketing researches, advertisements with home pets and wild animals receive the most views so animalistic theme is close to every person this way or another. Some just find animals funny; others see his/ her character traits in a four-legged friend, and surely there are also nature fans, who see and admire world’s unformatted beauty.

We are also true friends of animals, that’s why we have prepared full collection of both domestic and wild inhabitants for your computers’ desktops. Besides, we have also added cool signs of zodiac images. All wallpapers are available for any screen resolution so just select the image you like, download it and enjoy high quality wallpapers with top realistic animals.